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I see a man that wants to live his own life, and wants to live it free.
I see a man that loves the wind in his face, and his greatest thrill is to be
riding any place. I see a man who is always around when his Brothers need help
or something is going down. I see a man society calls a criminal and crook,
but to be what he is, they never had what it took. I see a man that loves with
all his heart, he truly knows the meaning of "till Death Do Us Part".
I see man who´s hatred is strong, when someone he loves has been wronged.
I see a man who wants to live to be one hundred and three, but would die a
young man before he will bow down for anyone to see. I see a man that from his Brothers, he expects only their best.
Because he could never live with himself, if he gave any less.


- Ronnie Hodge 1%er


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